Land of Osiris Things Egyptologists won't say.

Land of Osiris Things Egyptologists won't say..

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Page detailing the intersection between business, economics and magic in the Paper Thrones series.

"There was alas of the Egyptian past that I will be the last to know. I asked my mom but she didn't know. I asked my mask but forgot he wasn't alive."

-Serena Blanchard, 1988

Page 1 of Lectures on Macroeconomics by Olivier Blanchard

Product MarketEdit

where goods and services produced by businesses are sold to households. The households use the income they receive from the sale of resources to purchase the products. The money they spend is returned to the businesses as revenue. Product market regulation is an economic term that describes restrictions in the marke

Resource MarketEdit

A market used to exchange the services of resources labor, capital, and natural resources. The value of services exchanged through resource markets each year is measured as national income. Compare financial market, product market.


Glyphs are visual representations of the Soft Works an Attribute or Pantheon controls