Among the Veils Release

Among the Veils Release

Among The Veils Release

This is a glossary and index of the vocabulary used within Among The Veils. Our goal is to begin an inventory of vocabulary specific to Paper Thrones series. If you see something you think is left out, please feel free to add it. Eventually each of these terms will grow to its own page based on the amount of content readers want to post.


ability to interface with reality and change it. Usually the expectation humans have of a Attribute based on previous encounters. "A catalog of the legends and stories associated with your attribute" -Xochi Among The Veils p. 100


sentient forces of nature that human mythology has classified as demigods.


members of the Grand Concord that are authorized to use "Works"


human hosts for Attributes

Grand Concord:Edit

governing body of Attributes and Pantheons that affect the rate at which humans evolve

Hard Works:Edit

short term investment by an Attribute that affects reality. Examples range from throwing lightning to reading someone's mind. "which would be me inside your head" -Clay Among The Veils p. 333

Behind The Veil:Edit

the energetic world where reality is decided. Where ideas come alive and decide the world as we see it

In Front Of The Veil:Edit

the material world that where reality is a causation.


Isfet parasites that work as tracking mechanisms for the Grand Concord.


negotiations between Attribute and Carrier. "Your mind is experiencing new management" -Xochi Among The Veils p. 99


contract between Attribute and Carrier. Dominance, submission or equality is highly dependent on the affilation of the Attribute.


a union of two more Attributes which establishes a permanent alliance

Soft Works:Edit

investment by an Attribute over a long term that becomes explanation for a specific piece of reality. Examples range from Writing to Software Engineering. "Stored and tangible ideas" -Harrison Among The Veils p. 333


using Aspect to have a direct influence on reality. Works have two variations Soft and Hard.